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Runnning Biomechanics


When a movement is repeated thousands of times, every small part of it is key to making the most of it.

At each step, a person who is running exercises on their muscles, joints, tendons and bones a force between three and six times his or her body weight. All this supposes a big investment of energy.

Making each step more economical is key so that the running is a great experience during each training and in each competition since it allows to increase the performance of any athlete, whatever his or her level is.

Through a study of the technique of the running in which each of these movements is analyzed, it is possible for each athlete to improve his or her performance while reducing possible overloads, discomforts or injuries derived from that great impact that involves running.

With cameras that record at 1000 images per second and with an individualized protocol for each athlete, in the Stress Test and Biomechanics Unit of the Policlínica Alto Aragón the athlete is taken to his or her best running version.

It includes:

  • Welcome coffee.
  • Individualized analysis of the running technique.
  • Advice on the best shoes to train and compete.
  • Didactic explanation of the conclusions reached.
  • Didactic explanation about the type of exercises and ideal training to improve the technique of running on foot.
  • Photographs and videos taken during the test.
  • Final report.

Price: 100€ vat incl.

Request an appointment  at the Stress Test and Biomechanics Unit of the Policlínica Alto Aragón through tel +34 974 23 81 88