Every year about 80000 triathletes will register to compete in one of the IRONMAN that are celebrated all over the world. They all know that only 2000 took part in the most important competition of the “Triathlon Planet”, the IRONMAN of Hawái, and most of them dream of participating in Kona at least once in their life.

The history of this sport has a clear point of reference in Hawái, a goal, an experience that supposes the highlight for every finisher.

Achieving this monumental task requires today a detailed study and a completely individualized planning.

Thoroughly analyze each triathlete, their strengths and aspects to improve, train specifically to achieve their dream, choose the IRONMAN in which he or she have more options to qualify for Hawái, know what equipment to use the day of the competition, knowing who his or her rivals are in his or her age group, plan the race based on his or her power data, study his or her biomechanics or structure each detail nutritionally, are key variables to get a slot to participate in the IRONMAN of all IRONMAN.

I competed in Kona in 2014. It was a moment of immense happiness that I would like to help others to live one day. For this reason I’ve developed this exclusive formula that I’ve been applying during years training athletes who desire to compete in Hawái every October.

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