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Field TestsTest de campo para deportistas


Measuring an athlete while he or she is in the environment in which he or she performs every day means obtaining accurate information about his or her performance and thanks to this information, his or her intensity zones (paces, heart rates and/or powers) can be calculated with precision so his or her coach can apply them directly in each of his or her sessions.

The Stress Test and Biomechanics Unit of Policlínica Alto Aragón proposes field tests using specific protocols for each sport (swimming, cycling and running) developed directly where training takes place (pool, road or athletic track) and specific for each person (depending on his or her objectives, planning, training level and competitions to perform), using lactate analyzer, potentiometer and heart rate monitor to obtain all possible information.I

In this way, the athlete is measured in his or her race/training environment, giving his or her best version.

It includes:

  • Welcome coffee.
  • Specific field test.
  • Didactic explanation of the conclusions reached.
  • Didactic explanation on the application of the data obtained to training and competition (if the athlete is interested in it).
  •  Photographs and videos taken during the test.
  •  Final report.
  • Water can JO: SE: RRA.
  • Sports bag JO: SE: RRA.

Price: from 60€ vat incl.

Request an appointment at the Stress Test and Biomechanics Unit of the Policlínica Alto Aragón through tel +34 974 23 81 88