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Cycling Biomechanics



When a movement is repeated thousands of times, every small part of it is key to making the most of it.

Cycling is a cyclical sport, which repeats the same movement again and again and therefore, squeezing every atom of energy that the legs contain can mean that the cyclist travels at the maximum speed he or she can generate.

To get this, being well positioned on the bicycle is essential, something that is achieved with a good biomechanical study. In addition, overloads, discomforts and injuries are prevented.

Thanks to the Retül System, the most used by professionals and amateurs worldwide, analyzing the cyclist/triathlete in three dimensions while pedaling on his or her bike and being able to place it in the ideal position to optimize its performance is possible.

Now, in the Stress Test and Biomechanics Unit of the Policlínica Alto Aragón, everyone who loves to pedal, can achieve their ideal position on their bicycle and thus advance in the best direction towards his or her goal.

It includes:

  • Welcome coffee.
  • Optimum positioning of the cyclist/triathlete.
  • Exact positioning of the cleats on all the shoes the cyclist has.
  • Didactic explanation about the changes made in the geometry of the bicycle.
  • Photographs and videos taken during the test.
  • Final report.
  • All the revisions that must be done during the next years to readjust the position on the analyzed bicycle.

Price: 150€ vat incl.

Request an appointment  at the Stress Test and Biomechanics Unit of the Policlínica Alto Aragón through tel +34 974 23 81 88